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Professional Roofing and Construction Contractor

Our company was founded on the principle to help eliminate the middleman between individuals and building material suppliers and manufacturers. This bridge gave our customers access to affordable pricing and quality products. We are a distributor of varieties of products that range from roofing and construction materials such as roofing tiles, PVC Gutters, cement along with finishing materials required to build and improve a home.


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We are ready to get our hands and cloths really dirty just to makesure your work is neatly done and executed without any itches and any stone left.

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Our workers are the driving force of every project. Once the project is planned, We get our hands dirty to make it a reality. We work effectively and comprehend instructions they receive from their supervisors.


We do not only sell but also have qualified section who specialize on the repair section like; Roof leackage, PVC Gutter, Insulated Roof and many more. You can count on us any day, any time.


Our supervisor acts as an intermediary between the field workers and the management office to ensure effective communication and satisfactory work is ensured in the field.


Our Engineersare on the top notch, they are all qaulified and experinced. They give in their best and impliment the latest designs.